June 2010

The Town Beach

Saparua is unique in having a gorgeous stretch of fine, white sand right in front of town, next to the fort. There is accommodation on the beach, but it’s freely accessible to all. Unfortunately when the winds blow from the South, quite a lot of… Read More »The Town Beach


Makale is the capital of Tanatoraja administration. The steep hills of the town crowned with the church’s tower and its valleys with many new government buildings. Most of them have traditional Toraja architecture here, which are full of relieves and curvy roof. The city is… Read More »Makale

Mount Dempo

gunung-dempo3edit.jpgMount Dempo is one of the natural tourism objects in Pagaralam. It is the highest peak in South Sumatra and might be reached directly from Palembang by car, after spending 6 hours more or less for about 295 kilometers. Grown in northern Sumatra (Indonesia) Highlands. The liquor tends to be light with a hint of body and meatiness. Dempo Volcano is located at Lahat Regency, South Sumatra Province while little part belongs to Muna Regency of Bengkulu Province. Geographically, it lies at 04° 02” SL and 103° 08” EL. The volcano has two peaks called Dempo and Merapi. The highest peak names Merapi with 3173 m high above sea level, while Dempo is about 3049 m. Dempo is a prominent 3173-m-high strata volcano that rises above the Pasumah Plain of SE Sumatra. Remnants of 7 craters are found at or near the summit, with volcanism migrating to the WNW with time.


Bukit Siguntang

Bukit Siguntang of about 27 meters high from the sea level lies at the western part of Palembang city. During Sriwijaya era it became a holy place for a Buddhists. Based on the historical event, there lived, about 1000 Buddha monks on the hill. Up… Read More »Bukit Siguntang

Pacal Reservoir – Temayang

waduk-pacal-013.jpgIt was the Dutch legacy reservoir that was built during 1933; the area of this reservoir is about 3.878 km with the depth 25 meters. Beside its main function to irrigate the agricultural field in Bojonegoro regency, it is also comfortable to visit. Nearby its beautiful scenery, here also provided the boat quay and fishing area, the reservoir tourist attraction of Pacal is located about 35 km south of Bojonegoro city by public transport or person’s vehicle, then the visitors or tourists could arrive at this place easily.

Tagalaya Beach

White sand and Mangroves jungles that grew around it, and become its uniquely. There is sea garden that has sea live around the area, which has various seas live and still fresh. This area is suitable for the tourists who like to dive in the… Read More »Tagalaya Beach

Pulau Kakara

Kakara is the next island behind Kumo. It is most famous for its traditional hibualamo house, standing right by the jetty on the shore. However, it has more to offer: a large, mangrove-fringed inlet just in front of the village, fine beaches on the backside… Read More »Pulau Kakara


East of Roma, Damer is an dominated by an active volcano Apart from the volcano, it has beautiful, pristine coral reefs, and an endemic species of flycatcher. It also has some very inviting-looking little satellite islands nearby. The local people are very friendly Christians.